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K1T2- Wow what a Package!

I received my K1 T2 Swap package last Thursday. This is the first I’ve had to post it. I bet my pal thought I forgot.

My pal was Nichole. I had no clue it was her.What amuses me about her being my swap pal is the fact that we were also Dish Rag Tag team mates. And I also read her blog so she did a very good job of not letting it slip that she was my pal.

Look at all the great goodies she sent me. K1T2 Package

Three flavors of Tea. She even found Pumpkin Spice Tea. How awesome is that! It is delicious. In the package was some red Tahki yarn-a donegal tweed, bath goodies, a note pad, some poprocks that Mr Knowledge swipped and some Pumpkin shaped Peeps-which I had to let harden before I eat them, a cute little blck pumpkin decoration- it now sits outside decorating the table on my porch, some cool teapot stitch markers( which I am currently using),Teapot stitch markers

 a cute little Halloween bear ornie,some tea crackers with chocolate filling and packet of hot cocoa.

She made a cotton tea cozy for my teapot. It fits nicely. I love the red handles/bow on top.Tea Cozy

But my favorite item she sent is this Kitty mug.Kitty Mug It is in honor of losing my beloved kitty Scooter. Though it doesn’t look like her It still makes me think of her each time I use it. Thank you so much Nichole.

This was a great package and I am thrilled that we got to cross swap paths once again. I hope I get to repay the favor someday.


Casting On Again

I’ve been looking for a scarf to knit with my skein of handspun Thick-n-Thin spun by Donnely and dyed by me.Fall Foliage

Last night I was reading Carole’s Blog and saw that she was knitting a Corrigator Scarf. So I went to check it out and knew that was the scarf I was looking for. So I immediately cast on and knit a few rows.


Then I asked myself why would I start another project when I’ve already got a pair of Twisted Ripples Fingerless mitts(working on pattern) Twisted Ripples and one Cafe Curtain sock( for a swap)Cafe Curtain sockalready on the needles. And I got 4 other project waiting to be started for Christmas.

Well my dear friends the answer is really quite simple. I’m a knitter and I can’t help myself because I have start-it-i-tis. And beside how many of us only have one project on the needles anyway. We are addicted and can not stop ourselves from casting on. And frankly I don’t plan to find a cure any time soon. Do You?


Lovely Fall Day

knitting blanket

Today was such a lovely day that I decided to do some knitting outside. So I armed myself with a pretty fall blanket some Earl Grey Tea and proceded to my favorite knitting spot. I worked on a pair of my fingerless gloves.Jen knitting

I had to share the view with you.view

Fall Day

Sky View It was just so peaceful and beautiful that I lost track of time. The sun was shinning and birds were chirping and flying about, butterflys were fluttering around and I was even visited by a catterpillar.catterpillar. I love MotherNature in all her glory.

Later in the day I talked Mr Teenager into modeling the ribbed hat I finished Monday.He wasn’t the happiest of models but I did manage a small smile out of him long enough to get this picture.

Mr Teenager


Pattern: 1×1 Ribbed Hat


Yarn: Cleckheaton  Country 8 ply Naturals 1812 in Navy Tweed

Started: September 14, 2007

Finished: October 1st, 2007


My Stash

For SP11 we were asked to post our stash. Well I am actually embarrassed to show my stash. It’s not because it’s a smaller stash compared to some I’ve seen. I do well enough to add to my stash on a pretty regular basis. My stash is very unorganized and I’m ashamed to say it’s quite frankly a BIG mess. I keep telling myself I’m going to do better and get it stacked neatly but that never seems to happen. I really do not have any storage space in my house(really need to move to a bigger one-but that takes money.) so it gets stuffed in baskets which I need to buy bigger ones because the stash seems to keep mysteriously growing. There are some great yarns in  there you really can’t see because of the mess.

Even though I know I wont win any contests with my stash, Miss Shelby you asked for it so ye shall receive it. Pics of my messy, unorganized, monstrosity of a yarn stash.stash1



Note: the red/grey yarn is from C*EYE*BER FIBER. Colorway: Testudo sent to me by my SP11 pal


Party Time!

Today I had my annual Harvest Party. It went well despite the fact that it rained all day. I had originally planned to have it under a canopy in my side yard but had to change locations and the front porch became party central. There were six of us. Two of the ladies I invited were not able to come due to last minute happenings. We ate lots of good food, had a few laughs and made mini pumpkin 

Donnely did a dying demonstration and we hand painted wool roving using kool-aid. I dyed a skein of thick-n- thin handspun Merino that I’ve had for about a year now. It’s a red, orange mix, nice fall colors.fall merino Still not sure what I want to knit up with it yet.

All in all we had a great time even if Mother Nature decided to rain on my parade so to speak. I’m already looking forward to next years party.


Goodies in the mail.

Yesterday was a great mail day.I received not one, not two but three packages yesterday.

First one was my recent contest winnings. The bag I won from Cathy. Wow she was very prompt in getting it out. This bag is wonderfully made and you can tell she put alot of work and time into making it. You can get one for your self at her Esty shop.

Second package was an unexpected one, from an amazing lady and knitter Grace.Of course if I had paid attention to what I read on her blog I might have known she was sending it to me. It is a nice big cloth in a variegated of pinks, yellows and oranges. I will being using it in the tub instead of for dishes. It’s just too pretty to muss it up with dirty yukky food stains.

And the final package was from Rachel my tea swap partner over on Ravelry. She really out did herself. She sent lots of great goodies. Tea and treat of course.For the tea she sent three kinds,First a loose leaf Keemun Black Tea by Swan Sisters and two different Indian Spiced Chai by Slo Chai, Honey Bush Tea and Yerba Mate. All ones I have yet to try. Next was Crills Salt Water Taffy and two chocolate truffles, I think they are turtles. They have caramel and pecans. Yummy. One is already gone.  Two great books, Knitting on the Road By Nancy Bush. It is sock patterns for the traveling knitter.And then a gardeners book called HollyHock Days By Sharon Lovejoy. And the softest yarn a chunky Misti Alpaca in 100% baby alpaca. I don’t know yet what I will make with it but it will be something for myself that is for sure. Thanks Rachel for a wonderful package.

I also splurged and bought something for myself. Last Friday Dh and I went shopping for him to get a few costume items for his job at The Gates of Terror and we stopped at the book stores while we were out. I picked up One Skein Wonders and boy I must say I LOVE this book. It has a lots of great projects and I see so many I want to make I don’t know which one to do first. If you don’t have to book in your library it is one you must have. Next book on my list is the companion 101 Designer -One Skein Wonders.

Well now I am off to call the school and let them know Mr Teenager wont be there today because he is sick. Happy Knitting.

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Yarny Goodness

Spell checker had a fit with that one. LOL
I received my first package from my SP11 pal last week. Can’t share a pic with you but can tell you all about the wonderful goodies I received.
 First there was not one but two skeins of yarn. A gorgeous sock yarn from C*EYE*BER FIBER in lovely shades of reds and grays. This being funny as it is Ohio State colors and my pal is from Michigan. Not that I follow college football. The second skein is a pretty tourquiose color cotton called Stork by Dalgarn. And Vouge Knitting Socks Two book. I sew a few socks I wanna try. And a pattern to knit a felted tea cozy.

She included some nice Earl Grey tea by Wild Leaf Tea Co. A flavor I did not happen to have in my tea collection.. Also some Body Lotion from Bath & Body Works in Sea Island Cotton. Smells so lovely, a yummy scented cinnamon candle,  and a reindeer christmas ornament. I feel as if she really payed attention to what I like and she put together a great swap package. I can’t wait to see what my october package holds. Thanks ever so much Swap Knit Pal.


Yeah, It’s done!

Well today we went to the bank and signed the papers for the refinance. WOO am I glad that is finally over. However we still have to wait three business days before they will release the checks to use.It’s called recognisance days incase we change our minds. But that is not going to happen. No way, no how not when it helps get us out of debt! I feel so much better knowing things are going to get back on track now.

To celebrate I did a little shopping today. Really should not have but I just couldn’t help myself. My friend Donnely came over today and wanted to know if I wanted to go to Michaels of course I was not going to says no. I mean that’s just plain crazy if I didn’t go. After our trip there we stopped for a bite to eat at Yoder’s County Kitchen for some good amish cooking. And then we were off to our next stop which was Hobby Lobby.  Between the two store I only spent about $25 so I think I did a pretty good of curving my spending when I easliy could have spent so much more. I was on a cotton kick today because all the yarn I bought was cotton.Here is what I got.

Cotton Stash

Patons Grace in lavander 100% mercerized cotton, DMC Senso Demin 60% cotton 40% acrilico, Lily Sugar N Cream self striping in Natural Strips 100% cotton , Boye dpns in size 6 and a few other $1 items to but in swap packages.(not pictured)

Mr. Fisherman doesn’t know I splurged and bought yarn and I’m not going to be the one to tell him. It’s already with the rest of my stash and he has no idea what yarns I’ve had and what one’s are new.As long as he stays in the dark about it we get along just fine. LOL.

I think with the Sugar N Cream I’m going to knit Mandy’s Candy bag which is why I had to buy the size 6 dpns. I only had 5 or 8 and the 5’s are being used for a pair of socks and the 8’s were just too big. I tried the bag and didn’t like the size. I’ve already cast on the 6’s and it’s working wonderfully. Guess that might be why she suggested sixes. LOL. I wasn’t going to knit the bag at first but I just couldn’t help myself. Grace has already made up a few and so I just had to see what all the fuss was about. Grace se what ya made me do. HEE HEE. I’ll be sure to show you the finished product. Maybe I’ll even get it done in time to be entered into Mandy’s contest.

* Note – don’t type a blog post when husband is around and tends to read over your shoulder. So Mr. Fisherman knows I bought yarn. He just laughed at me and well there isn’t really much he can do about it now anyway cause I am not taking it back. HA! and he loves me too much to do that to the wonderful woman in his life.


Some actual knitting content.

I actually have been doing some knitting thru all this with the house and financial worries. It’s helped keep me sane. The knitting has been slow going because I hadn’t been able to concentrate for longer than a few minutes at a time. But I can show you what little I do have done.

First it a pair of Thuja socks for my mom for christmas.WIP I had orginally thought about doing braided cable soks from More Sensational Knitted Socks. But the yarn is just too dark to show the cable work. I figured I would just go with something simple and this pattern works great with the yarn.

Next up is a 4 corners dishcloth. Pattern can be found on Abigals blog- 1870 Pearl.(Link on the right.)4C's WIPIt is for a swap I am in I won’t say which one incase my pal should happen upon my blog. I am using the Cascade cotton I got from the DDS contest I won last month.

And I am excited I got my conformation yesterday and I am in SP11. Yeah! Also I am waiting for the Knit 1 Tea 2 swap to open up. I just love swaps especially when they involve tea and yarn.


Dishcloth Exchange Package.

My package from the DDS Swap arrived on Tuesday but I just didn’t have time to post it til now.

DDS Swap goodiesMy swap partner was Jennifer. She sent me a wonderful package. The dishcloth she sent were her very first ones. I am honored to be the receipient of such lovely dishcloths and two matching coasters and in nice bright colors too. She sent me two skeins of Tahki Cotton Classic 100% mercerised cotton.Also she included the patterns for them so I can make more if I want. And she is a girl after my own heart in my package was English breakfast tea, which I have already sampled and Hershey’s chocolate sticks, sampled of course. Then I got the cute little birdie pen, a jar which I will be putting candle in and using on my patio, some cute charms which I think I will make into magnets for the fridge, a handy post it note pad , some yummy smelling soap and lotion which is aldreay in my purse. But the bestet and favoritest thing she sent me was these wonderful stitch markers.buffalo stitch markers My very own set of Buffalo Sticth markers that is. I LOVE them. Thank you Jennifer for a great package!!!

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More Yarn.

I got more yarn in th mail today. It’s always a good day when I get yarn.

Grace sent me this,

Knit Picks yarn in colorways Star Gazer, Mesa and New England Foliage(my fave) in exchange for these.

Aren’t they just the cutest. I love making these little frogs.

It’s one way I can get yarn and not hurt my budget. Since my fabric buying delimma was solved maybe I can find a way around yarn buying. Maybe I can barter with others who are willing to part with a skein or two.