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A-muse v. To entertain in an agreeable, pleasing way;to make mildly or temporarily happy.

I just can’t do it.

I tried really I did . I had every intention of staying away but I realize just can’t do it. I know that I would miss everyone just way too much. Seems bloggin is in my blood.I don’t know why I even bothered with a silly post like my last one. I do have things to tell you even if I can’t show you. I guess it was just the fact that I had so much trouble with this dinosaur of a PC that was making blogging no fun. I figured out a few of the settings and changed them and it is working so much better. Still can’t take pics though. I’m really not sure I can handle this til after christmas. I may just have to try my son’s Nickelodeon camera if nothing else. Hey it may be a little kiddie camera but if it works who am I to complain. I’ll try it tomorrow maybe.

I started my weight loss program again. Last time I did it I lost 50lbs and I looked good. I’ve gained back 30 of it and I really don’t like how it makes me feel. I realize it will be a long hard journey but it is one I am willing to take to make me feel and look better. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Also I dyed my hair. I went from a blonde to a red head. Let me tell ya the story behind my dying disaster.

I  bought reddish blonde coloring and was excited to come home and give it a go. well that’s exactly what I did and let me tell you I was not a happy girl. It turned Tomato red. There was no way in H-E- double hockey sticks I was going to go around looking like a tomato.I did not take pics thank goodnes. though you might have had a good laugh if I had. It might have looked fine on someone else but it just was not me. I gave it one day and then went back and got a dark Auburn to cover over it. It is now more burgundy . I am getting used to it. It is such a big change from Blonde and it takes people by suprise when they see me but everyone seems to like it though because I have received many compliments.

In knitting news I have finished my fingerless gloves.

I have to type up the pattern and then find a test knitter before I will post it here. I want to make sure that it is easily understandable to all level of knitters.

Well I have pumpkin bread in the oven I must go check. Yea I know not good for someone who just started a diet but I promise it is not for me. Dh is taking it to work with him tomorrw. So I am forced to behave since it wont be here in the morn when I get up. But it sure smells yummy right now.

Night all and  Happy knitting.


It’s just my opinion.

and I’ll express it anyway I want.nonsweatersmall.jpg I borrowed this from Grumperina. But it suits me just fine. She knits some wonderful sweaters and I enjoy reading her blog. I love to see what others are knitting and ooh and ahh over their sweaters and knitted tops and some of them are really amazing. I however have no desire to knit tops and sweaters. I am quite happy with knitting smaller items like socks and hats and wash cloths and baby items.

Speaking of socks I am playing with making one without a pattern.I figured if I couldn’t find one that I liked I’d just make my own. I am working on the cuff right now. If it turns out ok I will share it with you here. I’ll get you to try sock knitting yet Miss Grace. HEE HEE kidding ya.

One last thing. I want to thank those of you who have been reading my blog. You may not all be commenting but I can tell you are visiting. You are what keeps me blogging even when I get discouraged.


Good Tuesday Morning

to you all. Hope you enjoyed your long holiday weekend. I worked so there were no holiday happenings in my house.

Mr Knowlegde(who is in third grade) played his second football game of the season and his team won 29-0. He was really pumped up after the game. He plays second string defense but still gets to go out on a few plays. This game they stuck him on offense a time or two and the poor boy had no clue what he was doing. Guess they need to work more with him and show him what to do.

Mr Fisherman went to work at the Haunted House this weekend. They are preparing for the haunt season. He helped build a few displays and promptly received a nice sunburn as his payment. I told him to wear his shirt but when all you like to wear are black t-shirt it doesn’t do much good anyway. Now he is paying the price.

I must be a lucky mom to have a son who cooks for me. Mr Teenager cooked not once but twice this weekend. On Sunday he fixed pancakes for breakfast- his first time making them and they were actually pretty good, everyone went back for seconds and thirds.
Then yesterday he fixed homemade vegetable soup for lunch. I think we may have a future chef in our house. He is the one who fixes supper at my house when I have to work in the evenings. Mr Fisherman does not cook. Not many 15 yr old boys enjoy cooking.

I managed to do a little bit of shopping for a few swaps and actually have two packages ready to go out in the mail but wont be able to get to the P.O. til Thursday.
Still haven’t found a sock pattern I like for My brothers girlfriend so I’ve decided to put it aside for now and concentrate on a few things I need to make for a couple swaps. I think I’m just trying to hard and the sock knitting will happen when the timing is right.
Thanks for stopping by and letting me share my weekend with you. Happy Knitting and have a happy Tuesday.


A moment of insanity.

Ok so I had a moment of insanity this morning. I have been chastized for it by several people. I will not stop blogging I promise.My blogging just doesn’t seem as fun with out showing you my projects and such.I promise to figure something out for my picture situation.

I have been on the search for a sock pattern to knit now that my Thuja socks are done. But nothing is speaking to me. I want to knit up a pair of socks for my SP11 pal. She is not a sock knitter but would like some knitted socks. If you know any socks patterns let me know and I’ll check em out.Can’t print them out but I’ll still check em’ out.



It seems I will not be getting my computer back because it is just to far gone to be fixed. This really stinks because it means I am stuck with this back-up. It loads at a snails pace, I can use my camera with it and I can’t hook the printer and scanner to it because it just doesn’t haven’t enough memory for it. I guess I am destined to be without a good computer for now. I have so many pictures I wanted to share. I managed to finish my Thuja socks. But I just can’t show ya.

In other news I went today with my friends Donnely and Kathie to help them set up their booths for Hookahville

Everything went without a hitch in sgetting this organized. we left Donnely

 camper thereand rode home in Kathie’s jeep. That’s where things went

wrong. We ran out of gas and had to call Katie’s Dh to come rescue us.Kathie swore up and down it was just yesterday that she put gas in it.She appologiezed several times for it happening. It was no big deal. I mean it has happened to all of us at one time, I’m sure. Anyway what was funny was the fact that she kept saying I know it was yesterday I put gas in it.

The Conversation went like this.

Kathie: I know it was only yesterday I put gas in. I am sorry guys.

Donnely, Tomi and Jen: Don’t be sorry it’s no big deal.

Kathie: I’ll check the mileage. I wrote it down after I put gas in. Wow I drove 119 miles- since yesterday? That can’t be right I only drove around town.

Donnely- You have to be out of gas. I hope that is all that is wrong.

Jen- yea if it’s out of gas that’s an easy fix.

Kathie- I’m sure it was yesterday. I’ll check my receipt.(ruffling of paper while she finds it). Yea guys see it says the 26th.

Donnely, Tomi and Jen: Laughing to the point of rolling on the floor.

Jen: Kathie that was 3 days ago.

Ya gotta love her. She is so scatterbrained she loses track of time. But I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world. She keeps our friendship very interesting.  He hubby rescued us laughing at her the whole time.

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Morning Thunder*

No it’s not storming. It’s what I’m drinking. Sounds like an alcoholic beverage doesn’t, well it my new tea. I bought it when I went to Amish country. It’s a caffinated tea. For those who want to kick start their morning but don’t like coffee. Love it. It’s my new way to start the mornings.

Mr Knowledge played his first offical football game this weekend and his team won.19-7. He is second string defense so he doesn’t get to play as much but ya know I’m ok with that cause I wasn’t all that thrilled with him playing to begin with. But it was his decision to play. And I am one who lets my children make choices on their own.

My computer should come home today. I am excited because I am tired of not being able to post pics. I have quite a few to show you once my baby comes home.It only cost me $35 to get it fixed so I think that is pretty darn good.

I am going to be spending my day in the kitchen. I have pumpkin to cook and strain so I can make some Harvest Bread. I will share the recipe later. I am using my white pumpkin. Mr Teenageer was excited when he saw it being cut up. He loves the seeds after they are roasted of course.

Well I am off to the kitchen. Take Care Happy Knitting and have a nice day.

*By Celestial Seasonings.This tea is made with a spirited and earthy combination of moutain-grown black tea and yerba maté, a South American herb and is sure to give you the lift you need to get in gear — without the coffee jitters.It has a buffalo on the box which is actually why I had to buy it. I collect any thing with buffalo. The fact that is was tea was just a bonus.


I’m a Rockin’ Girl

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketGrace (Lovin Comfort Knits) has nonimated me as a Rockin Girl Blogger. Wow I can’t believe someone would even consider me a Rockin Girl. I never though of my blog as being good enough to even be considered. Thanks so much Grace that means alot to me.You certainly are a Rockin’ Girl! and awesome knitter. And is a little bit of good news after lossing my beloved Scooter.

Edited to add my nominees.

Donnely  because she is my friend and my inspiration.

Sarah-a former secret pal. I can always count on her for a comment.

Laurie – a recent swap pal. I was her secret pal for NSFY.

On another note. Mr Fisherman has a job interview Saturday(which happens to be my B-day) to work in a haunted house. It is his dream job. In October the man turns into Mr Halloween. He really goes all out and turns our yard into a monster fest. Of course the neighbors all think it is cool and ask every year what he is going to come up with this time. He can hardly wait. I hope the interveiw goes well. If it does the man will be in seventh heaven.


Sad news.

Sorry I haven’t been around the last few days. I just didn’t have the heart to blog. It is with a very heavy heart that I write this. My cat Scooter passed away on Tuesday morning. This was and still is very hard to deal with. She was a member of my family for 11 years. She was with us longer then number 2 son who is only 8.

It is so hard to walk out my front door because the porch was her domain. When we would go out in the evenings to sit on the porch swing she was there ready for her nightly petting. She was always right there ready to greet you when you got home from work ,she rolled back and forth on the walk until you reached down to pet her. She loudly let you know when her food bowl was empty and if you didn’t fill it right away she sat and stared at you until you couldn’t stand it any longer.

She was a beloved pet and will be greatly missed for a long time to come. I will post a picture of her later as I am at a friends right now and I still don’t have my computer back. Hopefully by Monday.

Take Care everyone.


I passed!

 Those of you who regularly read my blog may know that I work in a retail store. Wont say what one. But anyway I am a sales associate on the sales floor.

My assistant manger has been after me for the last two weeks to put Department maganger as one of my career goals so that when a position comes up I can be considered for it. For this you have to take an assesment test on the computer. Well I did it about a year ago and did not pass. So I was a little apprehensive about doing it again. I kept putting it off and was worried that I would not pass it again this time.I kept telling myself I didn’t want that responsiblity. Well tonight I finally worked up the courage to take the test. And guess what. I PASSED. I couldn’t believe it when those words popped up on the screen. I was worried for nothing.  I think I just wasn’t ready for it the last time I tried but now I think the time wasright or I would not have passed. I didn’t realize how much I wanted it until after the test was done. So if I ever get Departmanet manager that means I would work 7-4 instead of 2-11 and I would have weekend off instead of working every weeknd. I know everyone here at home would like that. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that something comes up soon.
I rushed home to tell Mr Fisherman but he is alseep, now he must wait until tomoorw to hear my news. So I am happy to share it with you first.


Pay It Forward

 It’s based on this movie with Helen Hunt  and Kevin Spacey in it called ‘Pay It Forward’. With all of the things happening to me these days, I thought it was exactly what I needed, something entirely positive.

How many of you out there have had a chance to watch it? I myself have not. So I guess I need to do so. But anyway this is what the PIF Exchange is all about……
(Copied from Megan’s blog, which was copied from Pony Knits blog which was copied from… get the picture) “Here is how it works! I’ll send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange! I don’t know what that gift will be yet, and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week…LOL… but you will receive it within 365 days, that’s a promise! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog…”
So the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog, I can’t wait to see who you are! I have some great treats in store for you all, just you wait and see!

Update:As of 3:55 p.m. 8-14-2007 there is still one spot left. Doesn’t anyone want to recieve a handmade gift from me?


Garden grows wild.

Sorry about the down troden posts the last couple of days. My finanical situation just got to me but I’ve decided I’ve done all I can do for now I just have to wait for the others to do their part and then we will go from there and what will be will be. I’m done feeling depressed.

And so with that said I wanted to share some picture of my garden.Gardengarden

 I call it the RUN -A -MUCK garden because Wayne just didn’t think it through very well when he planted it.

I’ve got squash coming out the wazoo. acorn squash squash

This is the first time we’ve ever planted squash- acorn and one other varity but I forget the name.

I like squash and all but what am I going to do with so darn many? I do have a few recipes I can try and I was even thinking about trying to make it up like you would pumpkin bread.

Speaking of pumpkins here is our very first white pumpkinwhite pumpkin

and out first orange one. pumpkinYa can’t tell it will be orange yet but trust me it will be. Can’t wait for them to be ready I love making pumpkins rolls.YUMMY.

Here is my cuddly lion aka Border Collie Titan.Titan He keeps watch over our garden. as you can see he wants to plays. He loves to play fetch. And tug of war with his shirt. Yes he has an old shirt that Wayne was going to throw away well Titan decided he wanted it instead and now he wont let anyone have if they try to grab it. Pets are funny in what they like to play with.

Tomorrow I’ll show you our other two dogs Grunt and Rocky but for now I leave you with a parting shot of my cat Scooter.ScooterScooter

Til next time Happy Knitting.


Contest Link and wondering

We all love contests, right?! Well, pop over and check out this one. I found it via another blogging friend, so I hope you’ll visit them both too. It’s a point well-taken; if we don’t leave comments, most bloggers don’t know we’re reading.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone does read my blog.Well I know a few do cause they leave commemts and I think you for doing so but when I see other blogs with 10, 16 or even 20+ comments I wonder what I am doing wrong.It’s a good day for me if I reach 5.

I sometimes wonder if my blog is just to boring or maybe I just am not writting about things others want to read. What can I do to make my blog better? What kind of posts do others like to see? I just don’t know what more I can do if no one lets me know.


I’ve been reading

Non-knitting content, Gasp! Can you imagine!

While I was getting ready for bed last night the TV in our bedroom was on the local PBS station, Wayne likes to watch The Red Green Show on Saturday nights but usually falls asleep before it’s over. He is not a night owl like me. Any way they showed a preview for a moviecalled The Civil War. It look pretty interesting. I love anything from that time period. It was on at 1p.m. today so I asked my mom to record it for me since I had to work.I am anioux to see what it is all about. I’ll let ya know if I like and maybe you’ll want to watch it too.

Also they had a preveiw for an Agatha Christie Movie Miss Marple:Nemesis 

It looked pretty good. It is on at 9p.m tonight so I think that’s where I’ll be be a nice cuppa tea with honey and if I like it I may have to read the book.

Speaking of books my library list keeps growing. Right Now I am reading Laura Childs Tea Shop mystery book series. I’m currently reading book number 2 Gun Powder Green. I tend to read the series backwoods. I’ve all ready read books 6,7,8 and 1 Chamomille Mourning, Blood Orange Brewing, Dragonwell Dead and Death by Darjeeling. All very good reads. I have enjoyed them so far and I feel as if I personally know the characters.

Next on my to read list is the Anne of Green Gables series by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Katie also has a few books listed on her blog that I want to read. on is “84, Charing Cross Road” and Rhonda had one listed the other day that I have also added to my list.”Faeries of DreamDark: Blackbringer
by Laini Taylor.

While I’m on the subject of books, you have to read one of my favorite authors Anne George. “Anne wrote a wonderful series of ‘cozy’ mysteries, more popularly known as The Southern Sisters Mysteries.I have to say these books are laugh out loud funny.These wonderfully wacky Southern Sisters stories are what introduced me
 to the work of Anne George, and made me a mystery fan! ”
as quoted from the website. I agree 100% with what this says I love these books.

Geeze between all my reading, knitting and sewing I just don’t have time to go to work. HA! Don’t think I can really get by with that though. Really do gotta pay those bills but I just can’t understand why all those companies think they need my money- what little there is of it. HEE HEE.

Let me know if you’ve read any good books lately. I’d love to hear about them.

Happy knitting and reading to you.


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I’m feeling a bit down today and here’s why. The trip to Virginia had to be canceled for financial reasons.

Then I was planning to open and Esty shop so I could sell my  handbags, stitch markers and homemade paper. But that idea is out because I don’t have a credit card.So now I have no idea how I am going to sell my stuff if I can’t set up shop online.

I think my computer is on it’s last leg. It’s making strange noises. I know it’s bogged down but right now I just don’t have the extra to get it checked out.

We had to go today to see about refinancing the house but we wont know anything til Monday. I hate playing the waiting game.

How can a person get ahead when life keeps giving them a kick in the pants and knocking them down.

Yarn and Fabric buying are pretty much at a stand still for now due to penny pinching til finances improve. I guess I need to make sacrifices somewhere. Thank Goodness I already have the yarn and things for my swaps.

So as you can see it’s not been one of my better days. However there were a few bright spots so I can’t say it was all bad.

I got this in the mail today.mail goodiesMail goodies

2 skiens of cotton yarn- one Cascade Pima Cotton and one Sugar and Cream ,an M&M”S note pad and a yummy orange scented candle.But I’m not sure where it came from there was no note telling me wether it was from a secret pal or from the dishcloth exchange contest I won.All it had was a return adress from Alanta, GA.

Next my friend Kathie called me to say that I could have all the fabric I wanted from her stash. She has bolt upon bolt left over from when she owned her shop(now closed). I don’t have to give her anything. So that was one problem solved. I will be able to make my handbags for very little out of pocket expence. Isn’t she the bestest pal a girl could have.

And I finally got my invite to Ravelry . I signed up on May 30th so it took about 6 weeks which seems to be about what everyone else that I heard from said it took for them. I am excited to see what all the fuss it about. So if you’re over on Ravelry look me up my scren name is rubyjune.

Well I think I’ve subjected you to enough of my depression. Hope you had a better day than I. Happy Knitting.


Yarny Goodness

Look what I got in the mail yesterday.

Sock Yarn

Yep it’s yarn. Yummy sock yarn that is. The card says Sunshine Yarns and the color is “It’s Cold Outside”.

I had made some of the Purl frogs for another blogger, Bertha and her daughter June and in return she sent me the yarn. I just love trades like that. It helps me build my sock yarn stash since my budget is pretty much nil right now. Every penny I get is going toward my trip to Virigina. Can I interest you in a trade? LOL