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Casting On Again

I’ve been looking for a scarf to knit with my skein of handspun Thick-n-Thin spun by Donnely and dyed by me.Fall Foliage

Last night I was reading Carole’s Blog and saw that she was knitting a Corrigator Scarf. So I went to check it out and knew that was the scarf I was looking for. So I immediately cast on and knit a few rows.


Then I asked myself why would I start another project when I’ve already got a pair of Twisted Ripples Fingerless mitts(working on pattern) Twisted Ripples and one Cafe Curtain sock( for a swap)Cafe Curtain sockalready on the needles. And I got 4 other project waiting to be started for Christmas.

Well my dear friends the answer is really quite simple. I’m a knitter and I can’t help myself because I have start-it-i-tis. And beside how many of us only have one project on the needles anyway. We are addicted and can not stop ourselves from casting on. And frankly I don’t plan to find a cure any time soon. Do You?


Lovely Fall Day

knitting blanket

Today was such a lovely day that I decided to do some knitting outside. So I armed myself with a pretty fall blanket some Earl Grey Tea and proceded to my favorite knitting spot. I worked on a pair of my fingerless gloves.Jen knitting

I had to share the view with you.view

Fall Day

Sky View It was just so peaceful and beautiful that I lost track of time. The sun was shinning and birds were chirping and flying about, butterflys were fluttering around and I was even visited by a catterpillar.catterpillar. I love MotherNature in all her glory.

Later in the day I talked Mr Teenager into modeling the ribbed hat I finished Monday.He wasn’t the happiest of models but I did manage a small smile out of him long enough to get this picture.

Mr Teenager


Pattern: 1×1 Ribbed Hat


Yarn: Cleckheaton  Country 8 ply Naturals 1812 in Navy Tweed

Started: September 14, 2007

Finished: October 1st, 2007


Time to move on!

You know it’s time to start looking for a new job when just the thought of going to work makes you angry. There have been so many changes lately where I work and I can’t say they’ve all been good.  I really don’t mind working  2-11 but I am really tired of having to work every weekend. Mr Halloween and the boys are home weekends and the rest of my family does all their get togethers then too and guess who has to miss them all because she has to work. For the longest time my days off were Tuesday and Wednesday and I was able to plan things for those days but recently the’ve began messing with my schedule and I never know what days I will have off, but rest asssured it will not be Saturday or Sunday. Mr Knowledge gets so disappointed because I have to miss his football games due to work. But thats the trouble with retail. You have to live your life around them because they must come first. Well I beieve it’s time for my life to come first, I’ve lived their life for 9 yrs now it’s time to live mine.

Now that I’ve bored you with my ranting it’s time to move on to some knitterly news(spell checker is gonna hate that one). I’ve been knitting a beanie for my brother for christmas and I finished it this morning. 1x1 ribbed beanieI used one skein of Cleckheaton Country 8ply Naturals in a Navy tweed. It’s a machine washable wool/acrylic blend, which is good because I know my brother is not going to take the time to hand wash  anything. would you if you were a 30 yrd old unmarried guy who is always on the go.

Still waiting on from one of my two test knitters for my fingerless mitts. Thanks to Kattie and Ally B for volunteering to knit them for me. I appreciate their help so I can make a better pattern to share with you. Here’s Ally’s mittsAlly's rippled Mitts She did a great job and they turned out nicely.

 I’ve already got another pattern idea. I have to work things out first then I’ll try knitting it before I give you a sneak peak at it.

Guess what:) my good friend Donnely has loaned me a computer and I can share my pictures again. YEAH- I am excited. I ‘ve been able to get my projects uploaded to Ravelry and hope to add many more. I still can’t add my printer so I am not sure if there is something wrong with the software or it’s just not compatible with these older computers because it worked fine with my old pc. But anyway be warned you guys will get sick of seeing all my photos now that I’m able to add them again. HEE HEE.

Ok now I’m off I have a sock to knit but I thought I’d leave ya with the view from my back door.backyard view Yeah I know it’s not very exciting but it’s the only veiw I have.

Happy knitting and Have nice day.


I just can’t do it.

I tried really I did . I had every intention of staying away but I realize just can’t do it. I know that I would miss everyone just way too much. Seems bloggin is in my blood.I don’t know why I even bothered with a silly post like my last one. I do have things to tell you even if I can’t show you. I guess it was just the fact that I had so much trouble with this dinosaur of a PC that was making blogging no fun. I figured out a few of the settings and changed them and it is working so much better. Still can’t take pics though. I’m really not sure I can handle this til after christmas. I may just have to try my son’s Nickelodeon camera if nothing else. Hey it may be a little kiddie camera but if it works who am I to complain. I’ll try it tomorrow maybe.

I started my weight loss program again. Last time I did it I lost 50lbs and I looked good. I’ve gained back 30 of it and I really don’t like how it makes me feel. I realize it will be a long hard journey but it is one I am willing to take to make me feel and look better. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Also I dyed my hair. I went from a blonde to a red head. Let me tell ya the story behind my dying disaster.

I  bought reddish blonde coloring and was excited to come home and give it a go. well that’s exactly what I did and let me tell you I was not a happy girl. It turned Tomato red. There was no way in H-E- double hockey sticks I was going to go around looking like a tomato.I did not take pics thank goodnes. though you might have had a good laugh if I had. It might have looked fine on someone else but it just was not me. I gave it one day and then went back and got a dark Auburn to cover over it. It is now more burgundy . I am getting used to it. It is such a big change from Blonde and it takes people by suprise when they see me but everyone seems to like it though because I have received many compliments.

In knitting news I have finished my fingerless gloves.

I have to type up the pattern and then find a test knitter before I will post it here. I want to make sure that it is easily understandable to all level of knitters.

Well I have pumpkin bread in the oven I must go check. Yea I know not good for someone who just started a diet but I promise it is not for me. Dh is taking it to work with him tomorrw. So I am forced to behave since it wont be here in the morn when I get up. But it sure smells yummy right now.

Night all and  Happy knitting.


My Kitty

Halloween Kitty(Click on pic to enlarge)
 Here is a favorite picture of mine. It was taken last halloween. This is Scooter my kitty who recently passed away. I miss her so much.But I know she is still here watching over us.

I’ve got other news to share. I have designed my first pattern. I made a pair of fingerless gloves. Now I have to get the pattern written up and test knitted before I can share it with you. I want to make sure it is easily understandable before I do. Well thats all I have for now. Not much else happening on the home front.


Can’t believe my luck.

Guess what I won yet another prize. Abigail left me a comment telling me I was her 2000th comment. Wow that was unexpected but how cool is that. Wonder what the pressie will be. With all these contest winning as of late, I think I am going to have to repay the favor soon. I will have to think about it and make it something good.

I sat down today and sewed up a little bag much like the one I won here. It was the first time I have ever put a zipper in anything. I wasn’t sure how it would go but hey I did good. I wish I could show you. I am really pleased with how well it turned out. I will have to have my friend Donnely take a picture for me later this week and email it to me so I can put it up for you all to see. I definately will be making more of these.

I’ve started doing some mitered squares the pattern is for cotton and uses size 7 needles. However I have cast on using size 11 and am knitting with Cestari wool. I am going to sew the squares together and make a hotpad and then felt it. It would be perfect for under my teapot if I was actually making it for myself but it is a gift for someone else. I do hope they like the colors I choosen. I’ve decided on green and brown. The colors actually look nice together. I can’t wait to show you.

Well I must go for now. Happy knitting and Have a nice day.

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Mother Nature Strikes

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.Well Mother Nature must have been in one heck of a rage for last night a round of vicious storms hit our area. The thunder was so loud it woke me up and the lighting was so close it made me jump up. It scared the crapola out of me. I tell you it can sure make ones heart beat a little faster when you awoken from a sound sleep in such a furoious manner.
Do you think she could have a little kinder to me? But Alas it was not to be for not only did she awaken me but lighting also hit my phone lines which was connected to my computer and now the modem is out. I am on an old pc that has no sound and I am not able to upload any pics because my camera is not compatible with it. And can you say slow,snails pace that it. It takes it’s good ole time uploading some of the web pages. Guess that could be why it was no longer in use. Let me tell you I miss my other pc and it’s only been one day. It may not have been the best computer but it worked for what I needed.Wayne is going to take mine to work with him tomorrow and see if one of his friend can get it working again. He says this guys used to be a computer techie.

Here’s keeping my fingers crossed because I really don’t like this pc.I have nothing downloaded on this one and I don’t remember all my sites that I had in my faves file. But I guess I need to be thankful that I had a backup. Still I do hope the other one can be fixed.I really can’t afford a new right now.
I had planned to show you a finished Thuja sock that I am working on for my mother as a christmas pressie. But that’s out now. I was actually excited to share it because this will be the first time I actually have a christmas present done this early. I am going to start a pair of Hedera socks next. 
Ya know I was just thinking how funny it is that just a few short months ago I was afraid to try sock knitting and now that I’ve finished my first and second pair I have my third pairon the needles and the fourth pair ready to go on the needles. It is so addicting and now I have no ideas why I waited so long to try sock knitting.
Well I am off to work on more socks. Happy Knitting.

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Mandy’s Candy Bag

Mandy's Candy bag

Yes finally some knitting content.

Mandy’s Candy Bag 

knit in Peaches N Cream Stripes Colorway :Natural Stripes

on size 5 DPNs.

This bag was fun and easy to knit. I made mine a little shorter than most of the others I seen knit up. I was going for a Native American look. It kind of reminds me of the clay pots you might see food or water carried in. The name of the actual pot escapes me at this moment.

There is a contest going on for this bag so be sure to stop by NH Knitting Mama’s blog and check it out. You have until September 3rd to knit one of your own to be entered.

And on a final note. I had no idea it would be so hard to give away something made by me for free. I have joinned in the Pay it Forward exchange going around see earlier post. I thought for sure 3 people would jump at the chance to recieve a free gift but so far only two people have taken me up on the offer. Who’d a thunk it. I can’t even give away one of my hand sewn  bags.Yep you guessed it I’ve decided to make up 3 of my Ruby June hand bags and give them away as my Pay it Forward gifts.Well I guess it will only be 2 bags since I can’t get anyone else to take it off my hands.


Some actual knitting content.

I actually have been doing some knitting thru all this with the house and financial worries. It’s helped keep me sane. The knitting has been slow going because I hadn’t been able to concentrate for longer than a few minutes at a time. But I can show you what little I do have done.

First it a pair of Thuja socks for my mom for christmas.WIP I had orginally thought about doing braided cable soks from More Sensational Knitted Socks. But the yarn is just too dark to show the cable work. I figured I would just go with something simple and this pattern works great with the yarn.

Next up is a 4 corners dishcloth. Pattern can be found on Abigals blog- 1870 Pearl.(Link on the right.)4C's WIPIt is for a swap I am in I won’t say which one incase my pal should happen upon my blog. I am using the Cascade cotton I got from the DDS contest I won last month.

And I am excited I got my conformation yesterday and I am in SP11. Yeah! Also I am waiting for the Knit 1 Tea 2 swap to open up. I just love swaps especially when they involve tea and yarn.


Finally Done!

Zig Zag Socks

My Zig Zag Socks are offically finished. It only took me a month, not because I am a slow knitter but because I set them aside for awhile to do some sewing. I sat down today and decided I was not stopping until they were finished. I am very pleased with how well they turned out and they fit perfectly.

I have already started casting on another pair using the Socks that Rock yarn that Emily sent me back in June. I am making a pair of Broad Cable socks for the books More Sensational Knitted Socks for Mom. I am going to give them to her for Christmas.

Yes I said Christmas. I have offically started my holiday knitting which will be a first for me.I usually wait til the last minute to do things. I also have plans for another pair of socks for my brothers girl friend and then some hats for the boys.All of which I will be sure to post once I am done.


Dish Rag Tag

When I signed up for Dish Rag Tag, there was a box to click if you wanted to be a team captain.  I didn’t clicked it, mostly because I thought that there would be people willing to assume that leadership role.  However shortly before the teams were announced Friday, I found out that I had been named a team captain. I was a little surprised yet honored that Emily chose me to be a captain. I will do my best to a good team captain and live up to the responsibility.  I think this one will be a blast, and those members of my team who have shown up on the forum are already plotting strategies.  Not everyone has shown up there, but it’s early yet.  If you’re on my team, please stop by our team fourm (you should have gotten email with a link) and let us know you’re there and are still planning on racing with us. We are Team #13 and have decided on calling ourselves Lucky 13. Do you think Lady Luck will be with and help us to be the winners? I sure hope. Keeping fingers crossed.

My primary goal for this exchange and race is to have fun with it.  I will be test knitting a cloth to make sure my chosen pattern meets the required dimensions and to work out any glitches that might arise. 

Do you think my NSFY might like a knitted wash/dish cloth as a wee extra giftie?  If so do her color preferences extend to dish cloths? HM something to ponder.


It’s a sock!

zig zag sock

I’m excited to show you my first sock. Woo Hoo. Yea I know it doesn’t take much to get me excited. LOL  Of course I still have to knit the mate but I couldn’t cast on the other without sharing this one. I made a few mistakes but you can’t tell so I’m not worried and since it is for me I don’t care anyway. I love how this worked up and it feels nice on. You can’t see the zig zag pattern real well in this picture but I will show it better once I have a pair.

It’s made from Panda Cotton. I wasn’t sure how it would knit since it has elastic but the stretch was no problem at all.What I was surprised at was that the yarn has a tendency to split. So I had to watch it carefully but other than that I really like it.

Now I just need to get me sock blockers. I tried making on from a hanger( i found the info on here some where but forget where) But let me tell ya it wasn’t as easy as it sounds. I think I would much rather have one of wood anyway. Any Volunteers to send me one. LOL  I’ll have to see if I can get DH to make me one.


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Sock progress

My sock

Well here it is my progress on the zig zag sock. I am really pleased with how it is turning out. I’m doing quite well so far. I’ve made no mistakes this time around. I paid close attention to what I am doing. I am really looking forward to getting this pair finished. Of course this is on my first one. I still have to knit the mate. Crossing fingers and hoping all goes well with both socks.


I just had to share a picture of my honey helping me wind up a skein of yarn into a ball. Isn’t he adorable? I sure think so.



Once again I have postponed my sock knitting adventure. I just don’t seem to be able to knit a single sock. I have unraveled the Zig Zag sock I was knitting with Panda Cotton. I guess I just was not paying enough attention to what I was doing because I lost track of what row I was knitting and like a dummy I missed placed my counter and I thought I would be able to keep track of what row I was on without it. Boy was I wrong with a capital W. I knew better but sometimes I don’t always listen to what my instincts tell me. Well lesson learned. Never again try to knitt socks without keeping track!!! But don’t worry I have not let this deter me from casting on again and knitting that sock. I will have a pair knitted before the end of summer! 

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Gifts for baby.

I spent the day making baby gifts. One of my cousins is having a baby shower on Saturday and since I always make gifts instead of buying them I knew  I had to make stuff for the new baby.  First I made a washcloth, bib and socks.

Baby Stash

Then I made a little Soft-N-Silky. It’s a little comfort blankie that about 12×12 and have soft fleece on one side and silky fabric on the other side. Babies like to rub it against their cheeks.


I made a  burp pad too and I am also working on a receiving blanket to go with it and will have to get pics when I am done.Burp Pad

Burp PadI just love making baby gifts. It’s fun and so easy to come up with ideas. Beside they make up in no time.

I also made something for myself while I was at it. pinwheel

A pinwheel cloth I found on Abigail’s blog. It made up really quick. I made it with Peaches -n- Cream cotton I dyed myself. I call it Tropical Island. I just love the bright colors.

 BTW my hand is healing nicely. The burn no longer hurts and is slowly fading. Thanks for asking after me.

Be sure to stop by my other blog Ruby June’s(link in blog roll)to checkout my handbags and other items I am making.

Enjoy your day and Happy Knitting.