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Snow day

on March 8, 2008
Snow day

This is a photo of my back yard, it snowed yesterday about 5 inches and the entire town is pretty much shut down. It is still snowing today so who knows how much we will have when it is all over. The boys  got home from school two hours early yesterday and I of course had to take the day off from work. The houses all look so pretty . The roads are another matter.We are currently under a level 3 snow emergency which means if you are not aloud on the roads unless it is an emergency. If you are caught you will be arrested. This week we have had some pretty crazy weather, Monday  it was 70 degrees, Tuesday it rained, Wedenesday we got a little bit of snow, Thursday it melted and and this weekend we are having a major snow storm…go figure?

Now on to other news. Yesterday was court day. On the advice of my cousin who is a Deputy Sherrif, Wayne pleaded not guilty even though he was. This just meant he was given another 30 days to prepare himself for the inevitable day. So we have to go back to court in April. Things between us are still very touchy. We have other issues we need to work through besides this but the alcohol is the major issue. So we are going to take the time we have been given and start dealing with things at hand. I know though that he has to heal himself before we can heal us.

3 responses to “Snow day

  1. grace says:

    i understand your life is not your own at the moment but when you have a second I messaged you at Ravelry about Lucky 13 group disbanding, if you could go in and officially leave the group then I can get it off the boards, thank you and know my prayers are with you through your troubles!!!

  2. kathy b says:

    GOd Bless you. one day at a time sweetie. one day at a a time really works for me

  3. grace says:

    thank you Jen, I hope you are okay, know we are here for you if you need us!!!

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