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Rippled Fingerless Mittens

on October 5, 2007

Note: There seems to be a mistake in this pattern. I will be researching it and fixing it soon. please bear with me until I get it fixed. 6-10-2010

I would like to offer to you my very first design. I made these fingerless mittens because I couldn’t find any that I liked. They are easy and knit up in no time. If you knit a pair let me know I’d really like to see them. I hope this is the first of many patterns for me.

Rippled Fingerless Mittens

By Ruby June Designs


The perfect mitten to keep your hands and wrists warm while your fingers stay active.


1 skein bulky weight yarn (Plymouth Encore Chunky or Knit Picks Sierra)

Gauge:7 rows and 5sts=1 inch

You will need approximately 100 yds to make one pair)

Size 6 dpns

Stitch holder

Stitch Marker

Yarn needle

Row counter (optional)

Twisted Rib Pattern:K1 tbl, P1 to end of round

Right Hand:

Begin at cuff. CO 32 sts.

Divide onto 3 DPN’s as follows:

Needle 1: 12

Needle 2: 12

Needle 3: 8

Join being careful not to twist stitches.

Place marker, knit 6 rounds in 1×1 Twisted Rib pattern.

Begin Ripple Pattern:

*Knit 3 rnds

Knit next 3 rnds as follows: Needle 1 – Knit all sts, Needles 2 and 3- k1, p1 to end of rnd.

Repeat this pattern from * 2 more times.

You should now have 3 ripples on your glove.

Begin Gusset Shaping:

Inc one st (kf&b) in the 1st 2 sts. (14 stitches on Needle 1) Knit to end of rnd.

Knit 2 rnds.

Next rnd: knit all sts on Needle 1, K1, P1 on Needles 2 and 3.

Inc in the 1st st (k f&b), K2, inc in next st (k f&b) ,knit to end of Needle 1. (16 stitches on Needle 1) K1, P1 on Needles 2 and 3.

K all sts  n Needle 1, k1,p1 on Needles 2-3

K two rnds.

Inc in 1st st (kf&b) k4, inc in next st (k f&b)(18 stitches on Needle 1), k to end of rnd.

Next 3 rnds as follows: Needle 1-k all sts , Needles 2 & 3- k1, p1

Inc in 1st st, k6, inc in next st, (20 stitches on Needle 1) k to end of rnd

Knit 1 rnd

Place first 10 stitches from Needle 1 on stitch holder for thumb.

Knit to end of round. On Needle 3, co 4sts using backward loop cast on method.

You should have 12 sts on Needle 3, 10sts on Needle 1 and 10sts on Needle 2.

Work 3 rnds in Twisted Rib Pattern. Bind off all sts loosely in pattern.


Divide thumb sts from holder on 2 dpns.

Attach yarn and pick up and knit 6 sts evenly around thumb opening.

You will now have 16sts

K one  rnd. (being careful to make sure you do not have your ridges on the outside of thumb)

K2tog, k2, k2tog, knit to end of rnd.

Work 2 rnds in Twisted Rib Pattern.

Bind off loosely in pattern.

Left hand:

Knit same as right hand until gusset.

Begin Gusset Shaping:

K10, inc (kf&b) last 2 sts on needle 1(14 stitches on Needle 1), k to end of rnd

Knit 2 rnds

Next rnd k all sts on needle 1 , k1, p1 on needle 2-3

K10, inc (kf&b), k2, inc (kf&b) on needle 1, (16 stitches on Needle 1)

k1, p1 on needles 2-3

Next rnd k sts –needle 1, k1, p1 needles 2-3

Knit 2 rnds

K10, inc, k4, inc )(18 stitches on Needle 1), k to end of rnd.

Next 3 rnds , k –needle 1, k1,p1 – needles 2-3

K10, inc (kf&b), k6, inc (kf&b) (20 stitiches on Needle 1), k to end of rnd.

Knit 1 rnd

K 1st 10 sts on needle 1, place next 10 sts on stitch holder.

Using backward cast on method, CO 4sts on needle 1, join , k to end of rnd

There should be 12 sts on needle 1, 10 on needle 2 and 10 on needle 3.

Finish Thumb as on right hand.


Weave in all loose end and enjoy your new mitts!

rippled mitts

This pattern is provided for personal use only. Items made from this pattern may not be sold for profit. Stores may not sell these patterns or give them away to customers without consent of the designer. Images and text may not be used on your own site. You may print one copy for personal use, However you may not redistribute the pattern in any way.

If you have any questions, please contact Jen (

Copyright 2007 – 2008 Ruby June Designs

An original design by Jennifer Wentland

Many Thanks goes to Kate Vasa and Ally Belser for their help with knitting my very first design.

Also I can not take credit for the great pictures- they were taken by Kate Vasa and Ally B.

Note: an alternate pattern Twisted Ripples can be found on my Ruby June Blog.Link on the right


9 responses to “Rippled Fingerless Mittens

  1. Bertha says:

    Wow, those are great! Thanks for the free pattern, I’ll be sure to make them sometime, I love fingerless mitts!

  2. AllyB says:

    Hey, Jen! Your photo looks great. I really like how the stitches are better defined with the smaller gauge yarn. I’ll definitely make another pair with different yarn now. Happy knitting!

  3. nancy says:

    cute mitts! 🙂 Thank you for my K1T2 package, I received it today. I sent you an email at your annonymous address. I had no clue as to your identity until today! Thanks again!

  4. Katie says:

    Hi Jen! You’re very welcome! The pattern looks great! It was a fun knit!!!

  5. Abigail says:

    Great pattern! You rock!

    Guess what the yarn I ordered for you finally showed up. It will be in the mail tomorrow:D

  6. Dipsy D. says:

    Thank you very, very much for sharing this pattern – I will definiterly try it out as it’s so beautiful! You did a fantastic job with it – congratulations!

  7. keri says:

    What a cute pattern, great job! =)

    Are you in the fingerless mitts knitalong? If not we’d love to have you, and you could post a link to your blog for the pattern for others to knit if you wanted.

  8. Rhonda says:

    Great pair of fingerless mitts. I made 27 pairs last year for Christmas gifts. Knitting scarves this year, but I sure won’t knit 27, LOL. I’ll have to try your pattern for a pair for me tho.

    Happy knitting.

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