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Casting On Again

on October 4, 2007

I’ve been looking for a scarf to knit with my skein of handspun Thick-n-Thin spun by Donnely and dyed by me.Fall Foliage

Last night I was reading Carole’s Blog and saw that she was knitting a Corrigator Scarf. So I went to check it out and knew that was the scarf I was looking for. So I immediately cast on and knit a few rows.


Then I asked myself why would I start another project when I’ve already got a pair of Twisted Ripples Fingerless mitts(working on pattern) Twisted Ripples and one Cafe Curtain sock( for a swap)Cafe Curtain sockalready on the needles. And I got 4 other project waiting to be started for Christmas.

Well my dear friends the answer is really quite simple. I’m a knitter and I can’t help myself because I have start-it-i-tis. And beside how many of us only have one project on the needles anyway. We are addicted and can not stop ourselves from casting on. And frankly I don’t plan to find a cure any time soon. Do You?


3 responses to “Casting On Again

  1. nichole says:

    I’ve been suffering from start-itis for years now… there is NO cure………

  2. Dipsy D. says:

    Yay for Startitis – this is the best “illness” i know of ;)))

  3. grace says:

    I would not allow myself to start anything new until I finished Tom’s sweater from last winter, that was done last night, now I have a commissioned knitting project arriving probably saturday or Tuesday, I am packing lots of halloween dishcloth patterns and cotton for our weekend getaway so I can do something different. I am doing Yarn Harlot’s one row scarf which is quick too and looks great in all kinds of yarn, I am using Alpaca in dk brown and Sierra Aran in a light brown and alternating every 2 rows. Have a fun time starting things!!!!

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