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Yarny Goodness

on September 4, 2007

Spell checker had a fit with that one. LOL
I received my first package from my SP11 pal last week. Can’t share a pic with you but can tell you all about the wonderful goodies I received.
 First there was not one but two skeins of yarn. A gorgeous sock yarn from C*EYE*BER FIBER in lovely shades of reds and grays. This being funny as it is Ohio State colors and my pal is from Michigan. Not that I follow college football. The second skein is a pretty tourquiose color cotton called Stork by Dalgarn. And Vouge Knitting Socks Two book. I sew a few socks I wanna try. And a pattern to knit a felted tea cozy.

She included some nice Earl Grey tea by Wild Leaf Tea Co. A flavor I did not happen to have in my tea collection.. Also some Body Lotion from Bath & Body Works in Sea Island Cotton. Smells so lovely, a yummy scented cinnamon candle,  and a reindeer christmas ornament. I feel as if she really payed attention to what I like and she put together a great swap package. I can’t wait to see what my october package holds. Thanks ever so much Swap Knit Pal.


3 responses to “Yarny Goodness

  1. grace says:

    I have never done a secret pal swap so when SP12 comes around let me know so I can get in on it, I love doing all the other swaps though!!

  2. Bertha says:

    Wow, that sounds like a great secret pal! You are lucky to get some Cyberfiber that is awesome yarn!! One of my favorites!

  3. Dipsy D. says:

    Awww, this sounds like an absolutely awesome package! You’re going to love the Earl Grey Tea – this is my all time favorite one, just so tasty and fruity and yummy… This reminds me, need to make a cup for myself right now – thanks for the inspiration 😉

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