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A-muse v. To entertain in an agreeable, pleasing way;to make mildly or temporarily happy.

We have socks and Yarn!

on June 5, 2007

baby socksGot my baby socks done. They were pretty easy to do. I might have stretched a few stitches but do ya think that baby is gonna care. No I think not. For the most part they turned out better than I hoped. I have already started on another pair.

Now on to the good stuff.

NSFY swapI got my first package yesterday from my No Sheep For You swap. My pal sent me Blue Sky Cotton and Mission Falls 1824 Cotton. Both yarns are so very soft and I can’t wait to use them.She also sent me two patterns. One is for spa socks and the other is for baby hats. I think the spas socks will be my next project.The pattern looks pretty easy. Thanks NSFY Pal!


One response to “We have socks and Yarn!

  1. Emily says:

    Awww! The baby socks are soooo cute!

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