Amusing My Self

A-muse v. To entertain in an agreeable, pleasing way;to make mildly or temporarily happy.


I have been creating little works of art since I joined the yahoo group Artist Trading Cards. I forgot just how much fun it was to create these cards. I don’t know why I ever gave up rubber stamping and mixed media arts. I am kicking myself since I gave away most of my supplies and stamps. But now that I’ve gotten back into it, Thanks to my friends Donnely and Kathie, I am having so much fun and I get to buy a whole bunch of new goodies. Which is a good thing right. LOL

Anyway here is a few of my cards.

This next card is made from my homemade blue jean paper.

The background on this card is masking tape


I just love working on a small scale like this because it is much easier to fill up a small area and they make up so quickly.

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First card making class.

I have been making greeting cards and mixed media art for years now but yesterday I went to my first card class at Pizazz It Scrapbooks because my friend Kathie has decided to get into rubber stamping and she thought it would be fun  for us to do together. So I agreed and it was really fun. Here are the cards we made

I have not made cards in years and I forgot how much fun it was. So I decided to make another cards after I got home from the class.

I can’t wait to go back for next months class.

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It’s been oh so long.

Hi Y’all, nope not form the south I’m a Yankee born and bred but I liked the sound of it so I went with it. It’s been over a year since I’ve posted anything worth reading so I’m not even sure I have any readers left.I guess I moved away from blogging for awhile but that bloggin’ bug is back. I’m trying the simple living aka frugal and country living thing. I’m sure there is a better name for it but I don’t know what it is. I’ve started making my own household cleaners with items I have on hand. No pics right now but soon I hope to have recipes and ideas a plenty to share with everyone. I hope I don’t bore you with all my ramblings but I’m not gonna make you any promises.

Right now I have no tips, tricks or antics to share but I can tell you about my enjoyable date with my hubby late Sunday. It’s not what you would call a typical date but when you’ve been married 18yrs and don’t get to spend a lot of time together due conflicting work schedules you take any time you can get.

Sunday morning we planned to head to the cemetery to remove the Memorial day flowers from my Grandpa’s grave(oh how I dearly miss him) because I reuse them each holiday. I just don’t see the sense in paying lots of money on something and then letting the cemetery throw them away. Since we have to pass by a Bob Evans on the way to get there we made a quick decision to have breakfast because we both neglected to eat it at home. It’s always a treat to eat out with Wayne since it’s not something we get to do very often. After our enjoyable breakfast we headed to the cemetery. Mind you it had rained  a lot that morning and I had to walk through a lot of soggy grass to reach Grandpa’s  grave. I had very wet shoes and wrinkly toes. Not a very good idea to wear flimsy cloth shoes after a heavy down pour.

After taking care of business there we decided to go to our local Tractor Supply and Lowe’s just to have a look around, yea I know not your most romantic type of date but I enjoy going to those places and looking around so it works for me and  I’ll go anywhere that makes the man happy just to spend some quality time with him.  Then we drove out to route 4o for some yard sales. It was there annual yard sale weekend along the National Road. We stopped in the small town of Brownsville.We stopped at several yard sales and I ended up with some pretty great treasures.

1. A nice large basket for my yarns

2. Two Large mason jars- The bigger size I’ve been wanting for awhile now.

3.A wooden chair for my sewing table to replace the cheap metal that broke last fall.

Yea it’s a little ugly but I have plans to pretty it up and besides it’s comfy and ya can’t beat $3.

One more little itty bitty item was bought but I wont bore you anymore buy showing a phone cord and mainly because I didn’t take a picture of it anyway.

After the buying my goodies we headed home but stopped for ice cream on the way and Wayne bought me a blueberry sundae and he had a yucky flavored milkshake made with a certain red berry I refuse to name because I can’t stand the thought of them. All I’m saying is that it was not raspberry. Anyway it was a very nice ending to a lovely day spent with my husband.

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Wow. It’s been awhile

Wow it’s been a year since my last visit. I started a new blog over on blogspot and sorta left this one behind. I guess I need to get my butt in gear and get to posting back over here. Just give me sometime and soon there will be a few new posts.

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Been Busy

It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. I haven’t been ignoring you all I’ve just been busy. I’ve been hard at work creating Annie Dolls for my Purty Girl Primitives line. Marcus Andie  Annie DollsI had 5 dolls that Icreated pretty quick and then Donnely talked me into taking them down to her friend Suasn’s quilt shop and she wanted to display them in her store. She even sold one for me the very same day. I was very excited to know that someone actually liked them enough to buy one of my dolls.

Now she has aked me to do First Friday in Lancaster next month. So I have to get to work on more dolls and that means I’m gonna be even busier so computer time will pretty sparse for the next month while I work on my dolls. I’ll stop by from time to time to say HI.


Do Me A Favor

Can you please stop by my new primitive blog Purty Girl primitives and tell me what you think of my new doll? The blog is still a work in progress. There is so much I wanna do with it but I have to learn how to make the banners and things so it may take me awhile to get looking the way I want. Thanks For you co-opperation.


Snow day

Snow day

This is a photo of my back yard, it snowed yesterday about 5 inches and the entire town is pretty much shut down. It is still snowing today so who knows how much we will have when it is all over. The boys  got home from school two hours early yesterday and I of course had to take the day off from work. The houses all look so pretty . The roads are another matter.We are currently under a level 3 snow emergency which means if you are not aloud on the roads unless it is an emergency. If you are caught you will be arrested. This week we have had some pretty crazy weather, Monday  it was 70 degrees, Tuesday it rained, Wedenesday we got a little bit of snow, Thursday it melted and and this weekend we are having a major snow storm…go figure?

Now on to other news. Yesterday was court day. On the advice of my cousin who is a Deputy Sherrif, Wayne pleaded not guilty even though he was. This just meant he was given another 30 days to prepare himself for the inevitable day. So we have to go back to court in April. Things between us are still very touchy. We have other issues we need to work through besides this but the alcohol is the major issue. So we are going to take the time we have been given and start dealing with things at hand. I know though that he has to heal himself before we can heal us.


Life Upside Down

They say in one life a little rain must fall. Well at this most I’ve  got one heck of a storm happening. My life is in shambles right now. The man with whom I share a last name and really despise right now has once again screwed things up royally for us. I don’t know how much more I can stand. I am just so sick of it all. He was stupid enough to drink and drive again, this is his second offense. It was just a little over 5 years ago December that it happened once before. This time he hit a pedestrian. Thank goodness he only clipped the guys elbow  with his mirror but it could have been much worse.Last time it almost cost me the lives of my children.Did he learn nothing from his first mistake? Now he has to go to court Friday morning. If he goes to  jail he will lose his job and we may even lose the house. I REALLY HATE ALCOHOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and am not very fond of him either. He is an alcoholic. As much as I want away from him I have to stand behind him and see that he gets the help he needs because there are two young boys that need a father, they need one who is not sick. If it was just me I would walk away right now but I can not do that to my children. While I do realize there comes a time when one must say enough is enough now is not the time for me to do so.I must see that he gets better and deals with his sickness before things go any farther.

 As hard as this is for me to share with you I feel that I must in order to start the healing process.  Where do I go from here with my marriage? At this point I just do not know. I do however know that things can not continue as they are for all involved nor will they be the same as they were just a few short hours ago.

He did so well for so long but in the last year he started to fall off the wagon as he says. I saw the signs but I guess I was living in denial and didn’t really want to admit it was happening because I was so proud to be able to say my husband is a recovering alcoholic. But tonight I have to face the  truth and admit that he is not in recovery. He is just an alcoholic and will be for the rest of his life.  I honestly can not even fathom what that really means because I do not drink and can not imagine what it is even like to want a drink so bad that it blurs your judgement of what is right and wrong. I don’t understarnd what it is like to let an addiction rule your life.

He knows that he screwed up and he wants the help more now that he has ever wanted anything in his life.It will be a life long struggle for him but he has to do something about his addiction and get the help he needs or he WILL lose his family.It has come down to an ultimatum, his family or the alcohol. Which does he want more?

Where does my life go from here, it has already been turned upside down but will it be even worse? I have no clue at this point. We play the waiting game until Friday


It has arrived

Look what came today. Crowns & Tiaras

Woo Hoo. Fresh out of the box. My very own Crowns & Tiara’s book. There are so many pretty crowns in there. I wanna make them all. If only there was enough time in the day to get them all done. Guess I’ll settle for making one at a time though.If you don’t have this book in your crafting library I highly recommend getting it. It will give you hours of crafty goodness crown creating pleasure.

But wait that is not all that come with my wonderful new book. Mother Nature gave us a pretty white gift too. Falling snow

Pretty to look at pain to drive in. My normal 10 minute drive home from work took me 20 minutes. Winter WhiteThere is an actual road under all that snow. Can you see it? It was coming down so fast that it did no good to even attempt to plow the roads. They were covered right back up in a matter of minutes.

The boys  were thrilled to see the snow because they knew it meant the day off from school. As if Little P needed more days off. He has been sick and home from school the last two days. And today he was well enough to head back and BAM!  a Snowday to his delight. He managed to go to school all of one day this week.

Since It’s Friday  I’ve got to go get ready for my weekly lunch date with my Mom, Grandma, two aunts and a couple of cousins.  I’d love to get started on a crown or two but that will have to wait til tomorrow when I have more time.

Have a Nice day and Happy Crafting!


Lost Mojo

I must apologize for the lack of knitting lately. It seems my mojo has gone south for the winter. However it’s not as if I am without things to do. I’ve been working on other things while it’s away visiting friends. So if you’ve been stopping by for your daily weekly dose(and I can see that not many have as of late) I am sorry I just don’t have anything to show.

What is bad is that I am supposed to be knitting a swap item for Ms. Lesley and even that is not working out. I’ve messed it up and I am in the process of froggin’ it. Our mail date is looming ever closer and I just can’t get with it.

I just have no desire to look at a skein of yarn or even knitting needles for that matter.It just seems I am in a knitting funk.Maybe I should post a lost mojo ad.

Lost: Female knitting mojo

 in the Z-Ville area.

It has many colorful

characters at home

waiting for it’s return.

If  found please

call 555-yarn.


My Crowning Moment


I had a whole other post planned that was dark and dreary cause I’m feeling a little blue today but then I deceided you didn’t need to hear me sing the blues.

Instead I figured I’d just tell you that I ordered Crowns & Tiarasthis book yesterday. I am so excited. I’ve been seeing all these crowns around blogland lately and I just had to give it a try. I saw that some used chicken wire and I already have that. I’ve got tons of beads, lace and trims to decorate it with, so as soon as that book arrives guess  who will  be making a crown. Then I’ll be able to say that I really am QUEEN of this household. LOL. Wont the guys just love me then, HEE HEE.

It did my spirit good to tell you about my crowning moment so I think I’ll go gather supplies for my Kentucky Derby Hat swap. I joinned, have you? There’s still a few days left, you have until Friday to sign up.

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He’s so proud

P.and his Valentine Box

Originally uploaded by JenW!

Isn’t he just the cutest. Little P is so proud of his Valentine’s Day box. After two days of no school due to snow, he could hardly wait to get to school yesterday morning to show off his little fish aquarium. It’s not your traditional type box but that is what he wanted and I was only to happy to please my boy.

Normally he would have taken the bus but he insisted that I take him, He was afraid that he would mess up his wonderful box if he rode the bus. What we wont do for our kids.

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Heart Sachet

Heart Sachet

Originally uploaded by JenW!

I haven’t deserted you I’ve just been posting over on my other blog Ruby Junes but thought I’d share these with my friends here also.

In honor of Valentine’s Day I created this lavender scented heart sachet. It smells so wonderful. Very quick any easy. It took me less than 30 minutes to make. I love those type of projects. I made a few more to give to my friends Carole and Glenna just to show them how much I apprecaite their friendship.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just for couple, For me it’s about showing everyone that is special to me just how much I adore them.


A new appreciation


I discovered a new to me magazine called Bliss Victoria. It was around before and stopped printing but they brought it back and I for one am glad they did. It is all about Victorian and vintage things.

I was not much into that sort of stuff before but after reading this magazine and viewing the website I have developed a new appreciation and am slowly starting a new love affair with all things vintage.

I have been hanging out over on the forums and everyone is so very nice and knowledgeable not that my other bloging friends here are not. I have met lots of wonderful new friends through my blog. I just had to share it with you.

It has also inspired me to have a spring tea party for my friends. I was thinking we could decorate hats with ribbons and flowers and just have a grand time. I want to make tea cup shaped invitations out of my homemade paper. I’ve been making pillow boxes out of my paper to hold the party favors. I am so excited to do this. I am going to hold off til April though so it will be a little warmer and I can hold it outside.

I wish you all could come I know we will have a grand time. I will keep you posted on all the details as I go along.


I was thinking

it doesn’t happen often though. LOL anyway I have decided this year to cut back on swaps. I just overloaded myself last year and I am not going to do it this year as I just don’t have as much time anymore. However I thought it would be neat to do a knit from your stash swap.Ya know I can’t totally give up swaps. LOL So I was wondering if someone was willing to do a one to one swap with me. Just something small. I was think we could knit a small item or two such as hats, scarves, gloves ,dishcloths, and maybe socks or slippers. Then we could include some kind of treat. The rules are you must knit from yarn you already have though. I don’t want this swap to cost alot. Do you think it’s a good idea? If anyone is interested leave me a comment and I will swap with the first person to do so.Then we can work out the details together. If I get more than one maybe the others could be paired up and do the same. I will just have to see how it works out. Let me know what ya think.

Update: Lesley and I have made arrangements to swap but I am thinking that maybe I will arrange a knit from your stash swap once her and I have completed ours. I will keep you posted.



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